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As a ren faire geek, and frequenter or SCA events, I understand how many times someone may be in need of re-enactment historical costumes. As I mentioned, renaissance faires, SCA (Society for Creative Annachronism- medieval period re-enactment group), Civil War re-enactments, school plays, Broadway plays, motion pictures, Halloween, and there are so many other reasons. I’ve even known someone who chose to wear ancient Norse garb for religious reasons.

But whatever the reason for wearing it, there are as many reasons for buying garb versus making it, for making it from a pattern versus making your own pattern, for choosing this fabric or that. Are you going to go with all natural breathable fibers? Take it a step further and use only fibers used during that time period and in that place with natural dyes made from plants grown in that area in that time period? Or is it enough to simply suggest a time period with a polyester prom gown and a princess cone hat? Making or buying historical clothes can be as easy or as difficult as your needs dictate.

While the most popular historic costumes probably fall into the renaissance festival area, there is a growing interest in the Civil War and even the Colonial period. Much as England’s medieval and renaissance periods intrigue North Americans, our Old West is gaining popularity in the UK. At The Shootists

The Shootists
, there is some great basic information for anyone interested in Old West re-enactment costumes, groups, and weaponry. While researching, I’ve even come across Napoleonic re-enactment costumes and groups! This is a new one for me, though I’m not sure why. After all, Napoleon and Josephine have captured our imaginations for years. Who hasn’t struck the Napoleon pose (chest out, hand in jacket) or accused someone of having a Napoleon complex?

Reenactment clothing is the most essential part of being a historical reenactor. Through time spent participating in reenactment events, you’ll eventually pick up a lot of period mannerisms, methods of speech, and so on- or at least what passes for period. But in order to participate at all you’ll need appropriate historical clothes. True, there are a number of for-spectator events in almost any historical group, but they are much more rare than participation only events.

Eventually you’ll learn appropriate feast gear (an SCA term for eating utensils- plates, cups, knives and spoons, etc) or whatever your reenactment group requires for dinner time. You’ll also learn what buckles and buttons are allowed and on what items, why that hat isn’t actually period, and so much more. But you’ll still need at least a basic set of period clothes until you learn enough, or are involved enough to need more specific items.

It can be a hassle finding the best historical reenactment costumes, so please explore the site using the links above and to the right, or simply search for the type of costume you’re looking for in the box provided. The site is being built up slowly, so please bear with me as pages are being added.

Nevertheless, no matter the reason for your search, you’re sure to find perfect historical costumes to suit your needs here.

Historical Reenactment Costumes

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