Civil War Costumes


Civil War Costumes

Demand for Civil War costumes seems to be increasing faster than any of the other historical costumes. With Civil War reenactment, increasing interest in the history of the United States, and a general yearning for “the good old days” (though why “the good old days” would include war time- aside from the love of clothes and a man in uniform) combine to make quite a formidable market for makers and merchants of Civil War reenactment costumes.

Luckily for people who wish to be period correct in their Civil War garb, there are any number of skilled tailors and seamstresses who are as interested in historical accuracy as those wishing to purchase the clothing. Gone are the days of buying and renting questionable costumes from a shop that is more than happy to rent you a creature from the black lagoon costume as an historically accurate Civil War dress. Gone too, is the need to purchase modern combat boots, or dress up other modern shoes in imitation of brogans and other Civil War shoes. In fact, historically accurate, handmade brogans and Civil War boots can be had for approximately the same cost as a regular pair of shoes or boots. Perhaps they’ll be slightly more expensive, but the quality is generally much higher than the slap dash quality of imported sneakers.

Since many Civil War reenactment groups are as strict in their dress codes as the most old fashioned Amish communities, the availability of these carefully researched Civil War costume patterns and those who make Civil War clothes are a true blessing. If you’re able to make your own period garb, all the better, since it will save you considerable money, give you much more flexibility in your dress, and you’ll be able to make certain that everything used is well documented for accuracy.

Unfortunately for many, sewing is either a skill they don’t possess, or don’t have a machine available to them. Of course, sewing by hand is more historically accurate, but many reenactors simply don’t have the time to do so, since modern life often intrudes in the form of jobs, families without a nanny, and all the other pressing engagements we suffer through (such as FaceBook, Twitter, et al.). While you may be able to knock up a few basic pieces, more complicated costumes such as Civil War uniforms and ball gowns require a more experienced hand.

Feel free to scroll through the auctions on this page, or page through the rest of this site to find more Civil War costumes and patterns.

Civil War Costumes

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