Civil War Shoes


Civil War Shoes and Boots

Unlike many time periods before it, Civil War shoes are not an easy item to just “knock up” at home. By this point in time, brogans and other shoes of the period had become more complicated, better formed, and, well, harder to make.

Out of all the historical costumes a reenactor may find themselves in need of, the Civil War era may be the most difficult to outfit him or herself well in. After all, wedge sandals certainly aren’t period correct, even if they are stylish. Civil War reenactment groups tend to be much stricter than, say, the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism- a medieval reenactment group), or renaissance faires. Perhaps this is due to more historical evidence being left for us to study, or maybe it’s simply the personal preferences of those who started the movement. But one thing any reenactor of any time period will agree on, is that the shoes make the outfit.

The problem with finding high quality period shoes is that they’re so expensive! Hand made reenactment shoes, for example, brogans, often run between $100 and $200. A cheaper alternative is purchasing a pair on eBay, which will run you closer to $65 plus shipping. Boots are an even more expensive proposition, though I’ve discovered that ladies Civil War shoes are actually cheaper than their male counterparts! Of course, this information is based on the hand made shoe sites that I’ve examined, yet I’m delightfully surprised to find that women’s Civil War shoes seem to cost between $65 and $100. Many of these sites offer modern shoes as well, which make them huge money traps if you’re easily tempted by fancy tootsies.

Civil War Shoes

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